Catherine Woolley


The land of homework

Being swamped with work is horrible, although it's my fault so I can't moan ^^ instead of it being easy work though, it's art, which can be hard. There are three pieces of coursework this term (like last) two of them being work done at home and such, and the third being an exam with a journal that goes with it. Well I must say I'm a tad behind with all of them. Although I may be ahead of some people, I feel I'm behind myself and I should have done more by now. I said to myself last year as I've decided I want to go to uni I'll put my everything into art this year...and what have I done, be lazy :( and I can't help it. I really want to work but I hardly feel like it. But I'm always ^^ soooo I'll post some pics of my work up, finished and unfinished.

First up is my coursework, I've posted up a pic but it wasn't as recent as this. This is a corner of my first piece of coursework. I really need to finish this corner, as once it's finished I can go onto my second piece of coursework, which I really needa do. But art dude man has it all sorted, as from the reflection he's decided what I'm doing for my last piece :P woo, I hope I'm not gonna find it too hard.

Next is a foot I drew at life drawing omg it looks cool :D I drew this in task 2 of my exam work, I drew it at life drawing and am amazed at how well it turned out for a little sketch, feet are so hard to do. Although Kirsty (year 12 I know and sit next to at life drawing) is amazing at drawing feet, omg she should draw feet for a living!

Next is my mock for my exam, it's not had much done to it yet, it's a sketch on mdf at the moment mainly, all of women, and heck there's even a charlotte in there drawing on her sketchbook. I hope to get as much of this done as possible, but I don't think it'll get finished. Although once the exam stuff is over and I can take all my work I may finish it over the summer holidays :).

Here is the first finished piece of work :o stand in awe...well it's not that great, but art dude liked it, said I've really improved, so I'm happy with that :) It's an assortment of glasses I found in the house, and the rose vase in the back is so gonna be mine :D I claim it cos it's like the most beautiful vase in the world ever, the swedes are so good at making glass stuff!

This is then the second part of the work above, but is unfinished, all I need to do is colour the naked lady in the middle and it's done, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to colour it, which is crappy, otherwise I would have finished it weeks ago.

Now this is artists that go with the above homeworks, I like how I've presented it, even if it is just pictures :).

Same as above except I like the one a load more cos it's got Egon Schiele pics on it and he's amazing at drawing!

Well that is my kinda art updateness, I will do more interesting blog entries on stuff people care about, but not at this moment in time ^^.