Catherine Woolley


Thirty Eight: Looking for a writer

gamercastI've done a little advertising for our current available position we have at Gamercast on various parts of the internet, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to do a little more advertising for it here on my blog to make sure nobody really awesome slips through the cracks of the interwebs.

So Gamercast are looking for a new staff writer to add to their crew of elite writers, particularly one who can have a main focus on writing news for us, however you will get the odd review/preview here and there and maybe even be sent to an event should one crop up.

We're looking for someone with good writing skills, lots of free time, and perhaps someone that doesn't mind working for free. Plus of course you need to be as enthusiastic about games as we are. Gamercast will be heading to E3 this year, and you never know, maybe you'll be able to attend such a large event for us in the future if you're really great.

As well as all the mentioned requisites we also have a YouTube channel if you want to show off your creative flair with videos you have created, or perhaps if you like to review games in a video format, and you could also be a guest on the podcast every now and again if you're really lucky.

As well as introducing yourself and telling me what kind of games you like and any other interests, please feel free to send me any examples of your written work to my email and I'll be sure to get back to all who contact me.

So to be fair there's lots you can do for us, so your only question must be when can I start??