Catherine Woolley


Thirty Four: Kooky anyone?

I have now found once again, something I really want to watch, I'm pretty good at finding films on the internet that from watching a trailer or seeing an image make me want to see the whole thing. The exact same happened with Brendan and the Secret of Kells which I then luckily saw at the cinema and then bought on DVD.

Sometimes I find trailers on my own accord or thanks to twitter, however my sister Charlotte pressed play on her computer and we sat and watched. The second I saw Kooky I knew I wanted to watch the film as he is so insanely cute.

Please watch the trailer for Kooky below, it looks great and you can of course get it in Czech as opposed to watching an English version (which I don't is available yet) because subtitles aren't that bad. You can just tell from the trailer that it's going to be sad, and also very well animated.

It's also worth noting for any video game fans out there that the puppets and props were made by Amanita Design's Jakub Dvorsky, the Czech studio of course well known for Samorost and Machinarium.

I'm also very tempted to buy a Kooky off their ebay store (I'll probably own one by the end of the day) and perhaps a blu-ray version of the film.