Catherine Woolley


Thirty Nine: Jesse Schell a man worth watching

So I have been very recently introduced to Jesse Schell, a games designer who has done some very interesting talks for a variety of conferences/events, as well as making an impact on games design.

If you want to check out any of his stuff and don't have much time to spare you can watch the DICE Design outside the box talk, which is nice and short and an interesting video.

However if you've got a lot of time to spare, I really recommend watching Visions of the Gamepocalypse, which is not only a really interesting video, but it looks at how games may become planted into each aspect of everyday life, and how easily it could really happen, let's call it one of his predictions of the future. It gets you thinking about lots of game types that could and will most probably be found in everyday activities very soon.

The thought of having an actual game on the back of a cereal box would be amazing, imagine designing a game for that, which then has millions of players all over the country playing along while sat down at breakfast time, perhaps having a much wider audience than your average triple A title. Of course if the game was compelling enough it may get played at various times in the day and not just breakfast creating more potential.

This could then pose a question on if the game would be activated after you bought the cereal from the shop, or if you could try them all out in your local Tesco, then posing a threat to not wanting to play the game after having done so already, unless of course it's captivating.

I would also like to see advergaming come back, I of course mentioned this back in my post on Cool Spot and think that although some may not like it, it's the way to go when wanting to help promote products subtly, especially if it's a great game. Advergaming can be done really well, and I know there's studios out there who can do a great job with set constraints. I must say though after watching his videos it really makes me want to try and do even more with the free time I have.

You can also check out his book on games design if you like his way of thinking.