Catherine Woolley


Thirty Six: Time for some Chulip

A short while ago I purchased a new game based off a thread on a forum, saying it was a great game to import (as it never came to the UK's shores) so on a whim I bought it off ebay from someone based in the UK. Ever since it arrived I've been meaning to play it, but sadly I've been pretty busy, but when I find a little time somewhere I cannot wait to play it!


If the box art doesn't sell it, perhaps the blurb from the back of the box will.

You Found the Girl of Your Dreams
Can you win her over before your heart breaks?

Pucker up, big guy. You found your true love, but you need a strong heart and a stellar reputation to tell her just how you feel. Become a better man by helping the quirky citizens above and below ground in this strange and wonderful place called Long Life Town.

  • Improve your reputation by helping critters and earning extra smooches!
  • Uncover the secret lives of mysterious underground residents!
  • Use the enclosed mini strategy guide to discover quirky secrets involving aliens, ghosts and even an invisible man!

  • The game was developed by the legendary Victor Interactive who brought us great titles such as Keio Flying Squadron and Harvest Moon. I generally haven’t found a game developed by Victor that I haven’t enjoyed so I can’t wait to play this.

    I’m hoping to get a little time in with it tomorrow, however between going to a Nintendo 3DS event and also doing this week’s episode of Gamercast, plus many more weekend things that need doing. Sadly I feel it may go unplayed again for another week, only time will tell.

    I may recommend more games in the future, as well as my looking back posts which are more of a nostalgia post than recommendations, but you could take both types of posts as recommendations should you wish.