Catherine Woolley


Three Hundred and Forty Four: The Spike VGAs

The famed Spike VGAs happened this morning, or the 10th for those in America, they just happened to fall at 1am over here meaning in order to watch them you had to stay up and stay awake to see all the announcements, plus of course the awards.

After having watched the awards last year I can honestly say I wasn't expecting much change, sadly the awards are overshadowed by cheesy jokes and embarrassing situations and of course what most watch them for. The game announcements!

Luckily there were some interesting looking games announced, including The Last of Us, a HD remake of Tony Hawks Pro Skater and of course a trailer for Alan Wake's American Nightmare (not American Adventure like I keep calling it), I was really looking forward to watching the VGAs purely for the announcements. I'll always look at the winners of the awards and either agree or disagree after the show by just looking on the website and finding out there. However from the silliness of it all I even fell asleep.

The awards evening hasn't changed in any way at all and make it seem like those interested in watching the awards are immature and completely superficial people who don't care about anything, which includes all the hard work put in from the developers behind the games.

Perhaps one day they'll change, however I think that next year I'll have a normal night and see all the announcements the following morning.