Catherine Woolley


Three Hundred and Forty Two: My goal this Christmas

For the past couple of years around Christmas time I've been baking Gingerbread, people enjoy them and I totally love them, plus I can always put some out for people at work as well as for the family on Christmas day.

This year I think I'm going to give gingerbread biscuits a miss, even though I really do love making them, I'm going to go for a slightly more traditional British sweet snack, and that is Mince pies.

For anyone outside of the UK that reads mince pies and things ugh why would you put mince in a sweet pie. Well in the past they did include meat, however nowadays you'll find a mixture of fruit, occasionally spirits and of course various spices.

Now the only thing to figure out is how I can make mince pies related to games in some way.