Catherine Woolley


Three Hundred and Thirty Eight: Totally loving Zelda Skyward Sword

If you haven't gotten it yet you really should!

I can only guess there's lots of Zelda goodness left for me to play, but I've already pumped over 30 hours into it and I can't wait to put in even more and bring it all to a close.

I am really loving the world design, beautifully stylised characters and the music. I also just got the harp and it's so beautiful to just run around and play the harp, even though I don't think I've got the jist of playing it properly yet.

Out of all the character changes to suit the style for SS Beedle really nails it, not only is he easily recognisable but if you don't think Beedle is seriously cute then you're dead inside! Although perhaps you aren't but he's got a real youthful charm about him in Skyward Sword that reminds me he is still one of my favourite re-occurring characters in the Zelda series.