Catherine Woolley


Three Hundred and Twenty One: Some baking and a little BUG

So yesterday in the UK was a day that bears host to a thing called Children in Need, I did a little baking myself to do my bit towards the cause. So I decided to do a few things I'd made in the past which were.

Dark Chocolate Orange Shortbread:

Spiced Oatmeal and Raisin cookies:

and some Gingerbread cookies:

So the images above were from past attempts of the baking, mainly because my pictures I took turned out a bit pants, as you can see below, and they weren't nice and close up like I usually do.

My evening then ended with some great Adam Buxton filled laughs at the BFI at BUG 28, a show where Adam Buxton shows music videos that have been picked by some talented chaps, a little singing, some Bronholm and the reading of YouTube comments.

It's a bit of a weird night to explain, however if you like Adam Buxton and can get to London or any of the other venues (they're even doing BUG in Cardiff now!) then I highly recommend going along and having a very funny evening.