Catherine Woolley


Three Hundred: Pick up a royale with cheese...I mean indie bundle

So another new bundle website has graced the internet, this time with a slightly different price model when compared to those already out there.

The Indie Royale bundle created has been created as a joint venture by the team at IndieGames and Desura, these bundles of games start out at a set price.

Then with each purchase made at a low price means the lowest price that can be paid rises. This keeps on happening until someone pays an above average price which then takes a few pennies off the price that people then have to pay.

The bundle itself is up for a week and then in a week after the first bundle they're putting up another bundle and so on.

Also the first bundle features the great Gemini Rue so I urge you all to purchase the bundle and keep your eyes on the website for their follow-up bundle.