Catherine Woolley


Tomb Raider Anniversary

Ok so of course the second my RSS feed told me there was a demo for the new Tomb Raider game I had to download it. So I set it to download last night, and had a go of it this morning.

Now I'm a tad disappointed it doesn't look as pretty as Legend, the level design is nice and all, but Lara doesn't match up to what she was in the previous game, plus the fact I'm sure her breasts have grown a few sizes as well.

It's got the same lovely Legend feel with the start screen, although, that means it won't have the same cute selection screen like the original did, where you could choose to use her passport, meaning start playing the game, but it still looks pretty.

It looks luvery

Although as Charlotte pointed out to me if you watch the title screen for a while she will stretch and I warn you there is bouncing.

The Demo chucks you straight into the game, no cutscene or anything (bearing in mind it is a demo though) and it tells you where you are, the only thing that killed it for me when this happened was the blur. As you can see from the screenshot I took.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh my eyes

It really hurt my eyes first time I tried to focus on it, but I got used to it in the end. Now, one lovely aspect of this game is the loading screens, complete nostalgia to the original, if you've played it and the demo you should know what I mean, only thing I didn't like is you didn't get a loading screen before the game started. But that's good I suppose?

Once placed in the space you descend onto some lower area, where you are faced with wolves to kill (oh my a random encounter) once I killed these doggies it really made me realise how much Legend was not a Tomb Raider game. Tomb Raider was always walking around and then suddenly you get attacked by some sort of animal. But Legend you only really had enemies when you were pretty much scripted to in the story, it was like: Cutscene of guys - kill guys - jump about lots - cutscene of some guys - kill them. (But yes I realise there were some animals in it too)

I must say I prefer Anniversary for the fact its surprise attacks, bar of course with bosses.

Ok so the second I had killed them, Charlotte from behind me yelled "Jump in the water, jump in the water" And yes Lara does get wet in a sense, and as Charlotte also pointed out her top gets darker once being in the water. But the water also gives Lara a rippled look, as in the part of her under the water, although there seems to be a bit of a glitch with it, and her face ripples too.


Even though I wouldn't call it so much of a next gen game, it gives a nice illusion of depth with the camera angles at times, as you can see from the picture.

pretty level design

Although with saying the depth is nice, Lara does seem rather small in comparison to a lot of the objects in the world.

All in all the demo is a nice piece of work, I found a few bugs and I hope they'll be straightened out, if not I hope a patch is released that will fix them. I find the controls a bit funny on the PC but that may be as I played Legend on the Xbox 360. I just hope the full game will give me the lovely feeling of nostalgia, and if the Croft manor is not like in the original game I will be an unhappy bunny.

And as an end note

I hate bears with a passion

I recommend people try the demo, I will certainly be buying the game on Friday, I hope it doesn't disappoint.