Catherine Woolley


Toy Invasion research

Well our groups were given to us a few days after the pitch day, I have been grouped with Debbie, Duncan, Scott and Chris. And we were given the Toy Invasion project, no work had been set, so I felt I should carry out a bit of research into certain toys to get a feel for what should go into the project. I started by going to the library at the university, where I found some good examples of clockwork toys and a few robots.

From the books that I found in the Caerleon library I photocopied what I felt was approprate to the project. And stuck them up on my wall for inspiration.


I then sketched out a few rough concept ideas, although the only really finished image was of a cuddly character

I then decided to go to the library in Newport, where I found a very good book with robot images called : Yesterday's toys: 734 tin and celluloid amusements from days gone by
Author: Teruhisa Kitahara
ISBN: 1884822959

Which I must say was a lovely book, with full colour images, only annoying thing was it was in the reference library which means I had to photocopy the pictures, which was a hefty £1 per colour copy.

But even though at £1 per image they are really amazing looking robots.

So for the run up to the first group meeting I carried out visual research, my favourite image has to be this one though.