Catherine Woolley


Twenty Three: A Halo related Gamercast giveaway

Hello readers of this blog, if you've been reading since number one then you'll have seen me write about the website Gamercast, well I thought today I'd do a little bit of cross promotion for anyone who may be interested in Halo.

So I was lucky enough to attend the Halo: Reach launch event last year on behalf of Gamercast and I was even luckier to receive a Halo: Reach Xbox 360 controller, and after buying a Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Slim I then had two of these controllers with my console. So I felt extremely greedy and knew that I should give one away, especially because I have way too many Xbox 360 controllers than I need.

So after hitting 500 subscribers I decided to put up the competition in the New Year, and with some really great entries so far, I thought I'd do a quick post here before the competition ended to give some more people a chance to win the controller, that hadn't seen the video.

Now your entry can be anything, from a picture of you with Halo stuff, to something you've created in Photoshop (as long as you can prove it's yours) or just your Halo collection. It just felt nicer to do a creative giveaway for once.

Get your entries in before Wednesday the 26th and you could win the controller! I may post the winning picture on here as well.