Catherine Woolley


Twenty Two: Pickups

So one thing I've noticed a lot of YouTube users do (or at least people who play games) is pickups, this refers to what games you've bought recently, and well I thought I'd do mine based on my little bit of shopping today which worked out pretty well.

So I have a pretty awesome indie game shop in my town they get in some pretty cool stuff, sometimes I miss things but then I also get the chance to get some interesting games that I may not have known existed.

So to start off I picked up something I already own, but this time a Japanese copy as it had a bonus disc. I'm pretty sure that the content between the NTSC-J and PAL versions are identical, however the Japanese version comes with a bonus disc that I couldn't refuse. Plus with my Japanese Xbox 360 I can give Orta a play on there as well if I want to use the game. Or I could just pop my PAL copy in my normal Xbox 360.

My second game I got from the same store was a PSX game that I haven't actually seen a physical copy of before, it's not an extremely rare game, but it does seem to be pretty scarce. When umming and ahhing over whether I should buy it, myself and the shop keeper watched a video of the gameplay on the shop's computer and it looked like a pretty enjoyable 2D platforming adventure while also having all the brilliance and style of a Mega Drive title. I was also sold once my eyes were drawn to the parallax background as I miss them in games. Lomax if you notice from the front is a spin off from the Lemmings games, created by the now non-existant by name (now known as Sony Liverpool) Psygnosis.

Lastly I picked up two SNES titles, both which I believe I already owned, but for an absolutely lovely box for Buster Busts Loose I couldn't say no. Then the Killer Instinct I knew and own came with an audio CD with some songs on it, but I had never ever seen a copy with a cute little Nintendo watch. So I jumped on it especially because the watch that came with it is so different I couldn't say no.

It's not every day now that I manage to pick up older games, after moving a few times I've had the chance to go to great car boot sales and pick up some amazing games for amazing prices. However those days seem to of now passed, which makes me happy that these little indie stores that sell old games are still around.

I'm hoping to give Lomax a play tomorrow, however for now I'm going back to have some fun with a certain Mr Isaac Clarke.