Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Eight: I urge all to try Groove Coaster

A lovely little game that was recently released for the iOS app store called Groove Coaster. Created by Reisuke Ishida, creator of another Taito title; Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Groove Coaster is a great little rhythmic handheld experience which is fairly easy to get to grips with and really stands out among other titles.

There are a variety of rhythm based games for iOS, some work amazingly like WINtA or Luminies and others fall slightly short. However it then makes you want other great titles available for it. I for one can't wait until Q? Entertainment release E3 or E4 on a touch screen device.

Groove coaster is sadly a little less interactive than WINtA, but it does depend all on what difficulty mode you choose to play Groove Coaster on.

Groove Coaster is an on rails rhythm action title that promises to really get you immersed (cannot believe I just used that word) within the experience, keeping you tapping away to the beat while creating your own highscores.

If played through on a variety of difficulty modes you'll not only experience beats that need a tap or a held down motion. You'll also come across beats that require to be dragged in a certain direction. Or introduced to beats coming into a certain side out of the blue, with the only knowledge of their imminent appearance is to learn the beats of the song.

Of course you could play the whole game through on easy but it doesn't pose much of a challenge, so I do recommend you play on Normal or Hard to really get a feel for the game.

Overall though it's a great rhythm action title with some catchy tunes and a manageable learning curve, I recommend giving it a go as it was definitely worth the 69p that I paid for it!