Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Eighty Nine: An awesome figure of mine! Anyone like Double Fine?

So something I won in a giveaway back at my past job was quite epic. I managed to win it by proving that I was Double Fine's Number 2 fan, with Charlotte of course being Number 1.

I was very lucky to have won him those few years ago and I hadn't had the chance to put him up before due to a lack of space, but that doesn't matter now as he's sitting very proudly on a shelf!

I knew I'd be able to have some of my cooler stuff on show and he was one of the things I really wanted to have out. I just have to be careful he doesn’t get too dusty as it's quite a detailed figure, plus I think if he ever broke I'd be devastated. Plus I'm sure Charlotte would kill me, even though it's not her figure.