Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Eighty One: Moved!

I didn't think it would actually happen but after two years of being a Hampshirian I'm now a Horshonian, plus I'm only an hour away from Brighton! I'll just have to wait until the summer rears its head again so I can pop down to the beach and shy away in the shade and play some games on a handheld device.

total myspace style picture but I'm in the back of a van!

Oddly enough sitting in the back of a van with lots of boxes and bikes isn't that bad and was in some ways the highlight of my day! Especially as I'm now internet-less and have to rely on my phone for all things internet based.

From what I've experienced so far I'm enjoying my new place and I can't wait to be unpacked, perhaps some items I had hidden away in boxes will have the space to breathe now!