Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Eighty Six: Once Upon a Monster

So a new Kinect title is out today and if you had a childhood or have kids I recommend you pick it up for some instant fun and giggles.

That game is of course Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster the newest creation from Double Fine Productions and their first retail release since Brutal Legend back in 2009, almost two years to this day as Brutal Legend was released on the 16th. You could say Once Upon a Monster is quite different, however of course Tim Schafer has changed over the years, now being a father, he has now created something that his daughter and everyone else's daughters and sons will enjoy.

If you don't have a child don't brush away the game just yet though, you can still have fun with it, myself and Charlotte loved it at E3 and you can now download a demo to check it out on Xbox Live.

Give it a chance though, it's full of cute and funny lines of dialogue to keep some happy, plus who didn't grow up with Sesame Street? I for one did and there's something strangely compelling about Elmo and Cookie Monster.