Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Fifty Five: You will officially be able to preview Windows 8 from tomorrow morning

If you can wait a few hours and have a few gig of space free on your hard drive as of 4am my time you'll be able to download the Windows Developer preview of Windows 8. I've got my fingers crossed that it's good and knocks 7 out of the water.

I do quite like the turn they've taken making it even more like my phone, creating a more consistent UI design. I hope to have a play around on it sometime tomorrow. For now I'll just be awaiting the download link as well as the final release of Mango. I'm sure I'll write a little more on it all once I've had a play around.

The video above is fairly old, but I wanted to pop something in the post showing off a little more of the UI.

The developer preview will be able to be downloaded from the Dev Windows website.