Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Fifty Three: Lots of events on the horizon

Well I say lots, mainly because I seem to have non-stop busy weekends coming up, with most of them being focused on a variety of events going on in the London area. I thought I'd give a little low-down on all the events should anyone be living under a rock and not know what exactly is going on in the world of games or other interesting things.

To start it all off we have...


The first show hosted by GAME which takes place over the 16th-18th of September, similar to that of the event hosted a few years back. GAME have lots on show including the first public play in the UK of Modern Warfare 3. Other than that if you live in the Birmingham area or further up north this is your chance to play lots of upcoming games before their release. To buy a ticket you just need a GAME loyalty card and £10 to part with.

Lots of big name games are on show including Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Saints Row the Third, Arkham City and Silent Hill Downpour. Of course it's not mentioned what is on show, so if some games are multiplayer demos, short single player or just a hands-off demo but they do have lots on show.

Saturday tickets are currently sold out but you can still attend on Friday and Sunday, tickets can be bought online or from any GAME store around the UK. So if you've got a free weekend and can pop over to the NEC in Birmingham perhaps this is the event for you.

Eurogamer Expo

Eurogamer, the show hosted by a website that reviews games and posts news, I'm quite amazed it's caught on so much. To be honest I don't agree with their reviews most times but they do manage to get some great developers to show off their games, as well as hosting talks. So even after not enjoying it last year that much (with the exception of the awesome Mr Tim Willits) I'll be attending again and checking out some of the games that weren't playable at E3, or I didn't have time to play. While also making sure to go to the id and Uncharted 3 sessions as they’re the two sessions I must see.

That all said I am very much looking forward to the show and hope I enjoy it, and check out games like Anarchy Reigns, Awesomenauts, Binary Domain, Saints Row the Third and of course Skyrim.

The Eurogamer Expo takes place between the 22nd-25th of September and tickets can be bought off the Eurogamer website, although all of Saturday is currently sold out and I imagine the same could happen for Sunday as well, the ticket prices are dependent on the time your ticket is for.

AES Show

Next up, less gamey and more general interest to me. Every year the Amateur Entomologists' Society host an Entomology show at Kempton Park Racecourse that hosts two floors of exhibitors and traders.

The AES show is great for any insect lovers to come and pick up some new friends, I'd gotten a few millipedes from there last year and will have to stop myself from buying anymore this year. However it's great to see all the varieties of millipedes, snails, spiders, praying manti and cockroaches. Even if you don't want to buy anything it doesn't matter as you can soak up the awesomeness of nature by checking out the insects. Plus it's great for stocking up on your pet's needs such a bug bed, substrate and drift wood.

Tickets for the AES trade fair are bought on the door and is only £4 for adult entry, it takes place on the 1st of October between 11:00-16:30.

The Entertainment Media Show

Used to be Collectormania now Entertainment Media Show; a Showmasters event would have me attending especially as Armin Shimmerman is attending. The show is a signing event with a large number of traders inside of Earls Court.

They have a large number of impressive guests this year including John Hurt, David Tennant, Alex Winters (just cancelled), Alex Kingston and Sean Patrick Flanery. Showmasters events are always an immensely fun day of spending money and waiting around but they're always a great show to attend.

The Entertainment Media Show takes place between the 1st-2nd of October and tickets cost £12 for early entry or £6 for standard entry and can be bought from the Events store.

American McGee

A definite must for American McGee fans as well as aspiring designers within the games industry. A once in a lifetime chance sees veteran designer American McGee visiting the Forbidden Planet store down Shaftesbury Avenue in London. Signing copies of "The Art of Alice Madness Returns" between 1-2pm on the 8th of October.

I'm bringing along all my American McGee games in the hope that he'll nicely sign them all, if only there was a boxed copy of Grimm.

MCM Expo

The London MCM Expo happens twice a year, in May and October, well it's almost the time of year for the second one of the year and I imagine it's only going to be even busier than it was earlier on in the year.

MCM offers lots for fans of video games, anime and anything nerdy, if you attend you'll be confronted with masses of cosplayers and people demanding free hugs. There are usually a large variety of upcoming games on show, which teamed together with a large array of great stalls and the artist’s alley makes MCM Expo an event that you don’t want to miss.

The last of the events I've mentioned, it doesn't actually take place until the 28th-30th of October and you can buy early entry tickets off the ticket website for a slightly pricey £16. However it's definitely a show that you should attend as even if anime doesn't interest you in the slightest you get some great games on show, and fingers crossed Rising Star will be attending again.

I won't be attending all the events and shows, but they're all interesting shows that I recommend attending if they sound good to you and you're in the area at the time.