Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Ninety Four: A visit to Crawley?

So I decided to go on a little adventure and have a moop around Crawley, little did I know I'd for some reason come across some Stormtroopers.

I must say the shopping center and shops within Crawley all seemed pretty good and quite nice, I'd been told that Crawley was a bit of a dump, but I must say from spending the morning there I've been to much worser places and Crawley gets my thumbs up. Especially as it houses two GAMEs, a CEX, a Gamestation, TK Maxx and a Primark, all stores which can come in handy.

Also just before I was leaving I found a very awesome and sadly very expensive pair of shoes, which in a way were luckily not in stock in my size, otherwise I may have splashed out on them.

I need this pair of converse!

They've also got a lovely park in the town centre which looked lovely on the crisp autumn morning.