Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Ninety One: The sad closure of a great studio

So it seems to have been confirmed that EA Bright Light, EA's Guildford based studio who have spent the past years developing the Harry Potter games as well as new ip's have now had their doors closed.

It's a very sad time for the Guildford games industry, especially with Codies disappearing recently, but also because there were some very talented people working at the studio. I only wish them all the luck in finding jobs.

Sadly unlike what some people seem to think, games are affecting by the on-going recession and any major studios can get shut down if someone high-up decides to. Of course these two recent closures aren't as bad as the ones in Australia recently, removing most of the studios.

It's very sad that EA chose to make this move only months before Christmas and I only hope that they can find new jobs amongst the surviving UK studios that are left, or of course migrate over to elsewhere in Europe or America. Hopefully they'll have the option to stay in the UK though so that our industry doesn't disappear.