Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Ninety Seven: The Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony

So one thing I had to be careful about mentioning since buying tickets was the Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony. I had to be careful not to mention that I was going as I also bought my sister a ticket as a birthday present and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. I imagine she must have figured it out at some point, but it'd be awesome if she didn't.

The atmosphere was amazing considering everyone there were diehard Zelda fans, the queue itself went all the way around the Hammersmith Apollo and further around the road, it was pretty crazy but it luckily wasn't raining or too cold.

The concert itself was amazing, sadly our seats weren't the absolute best, but they weren't too bad and at the time I bought the tickets they were the best I could get. So hopefully Charlotte didn't mind too much. The music selection was great, although I felt could have had a little more of the Ocarina songs could have been played for longer. However as they're short songs it's hard to make more out of them.

Overall it was an amazing night and definitely one to remember, and I'm very happy I didn't miss it. I probably enjoyed it more than Videogames live as it's less generic and focused on one series of games that surely everyone who has taste in games loves.

I am happy to of made a memory with Charlotte and only hope they do another concert at 50 years.