Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Seventeen: A trip to Somerset House

Even though Somerset House is right by London Waterloo station I've never actually visited the place. I always find out about their screenings way too late when I want to attend them, as they usually show some really awesome films on a massive screen outside.

However this time round I did attend a talk they helped arrange with two designers from Electronic Arts Bright Light which were Gary Napper and Mike Barwise. The presentation itself was about the development of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and was spot on. I think all the children attended loved hearing a bit more into how games are developed. Some of it may have been a little over their heads due to the age of some of them, but I felt the older kids really benefitted.

It was a great presentation and I feel the best question asked was from a young boy who asked them how they fit such a large game into a DS cartridge; it was so innocent and cute!

I only hope Somerset House do more events like this in the future as games aren’t generally welcomed in by that many venues. Although of course both the Barbican and Science Museum have welcomed Game On over the last 9 years (it’s been almost 10 years since I attended the original Game On!) I only hope we get similar exhibits in the upcoming years as well.

Somerset house is a beautiful building and I only hope I find out about screenings in advance so I can finally see a film there.