Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Sixty: Always missing Buffy

Buffy is however a cat, although it was also a shame that the Buffy TV series came to an end, Buffy as you may guess was named after Buffy Summers; Joss Whedon's creation.

Buffy was one of a litter from many years back, myself and Charlotte had named the whole litter after Buffy characters but Buffy was the only one we kept. Although Buffy has of course grown up a fair bit since then but she's still as fussy and shy as she always was.

If there's one thing I really miss when it comes to renting places it's the lack of cats, of course I like my Millipedes but they aren't as reactive and cuddly as cats are.

However I don't miss all the cat hair sticking to my clothes. But they do make lovely company and are the best when they snuggle up and fall asleep on your lap. I miss cats and kittens!