Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Sixty Nine: GameMaker HTML5!

Sooo when it comes to LudumDare and the Global Game Jam with a bit of a lack of coding skills and an idea when it comes to logic and scripting I generally make my games in GameMaker.

I say generally, what I really mean is always, I've considered using things like Unity, UDK or other engines but something like GameMaker means I can easily stick with 2D art and also have breaks between using it and not actually forget how to use the program. One of the most exciting pieces of news that I spoke about on this week's episode of Gamercast was about GameMaker!

However GameMaker: HTML5 has now been pre-released which allows the creation of games within GameMaker that can then be used with any browser that supports HTML5. The second I heard this I was very "OMG THATS AMAZINGS" especially as it won't require plugins to play them in a browser.

This is of course great for showing off games, and making 48 hour games more accessible for people to play. Of course this may introduce more limitations for games, but this is dependent on whether assets become more costly to run as well as questioning the quality of everything.

Very low res screenshot, but they haven't really changed much at all, other than giving it a black UI

However I jumped in and decided to take a leap and pick up a licence, especially as I may be able to import all my old games and then pop them on my website within the pages as opposed to give a link where you can download it. Therefore making them more accessible and easier to have a look at.

So I've downloaded and installed it and will have a play around when I find a little free time in my evenings or a few minutes here or there just to test out the importing older files with it. If it's successful I guess you may see some of my previous games on here. Or of course I could finish LD 21's Escape game as my first piece using this new version.

Although I really wanted to start learning a new tool for my 48 hour stuff, something utilising flash, like Flashpunk or Flixel, however I think for now I will still use GameMaker that doesn't mean that I won't try and use chunks of my time to learn free engines that are readily available. Of course things like Flashpunk or Flixel are best for certain types of games, so in the end it really depends on what the theme is for the next LD and of course the Global Game Jam which is only four months away!