Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Thirty Six: Farewell Socrates

Like I presumed back when Plato died, that Socrates may follow on shortly and sadly he did, the two of them looked fairly old so I imagine they had a long life it's just sad they died while in my care.

Socrates was bought with Plato back at the AES Entomology show from a seller who either kept large amounts of millipedes in a small tank or allowed them to fall onto sharp surfaces. They were always very scared of loud noises and super shy, I believe I only held them once and that was to wash off a few of their friendly mites as they were collecting quite a few. The image below was after I’d just given Socrates a gentle wash under the tap.

I was quite happy to catch Socrates dead very quickly because I'd been keeping an eye on him as he’d been a little sluggish recently. It then meant it wasn't such a horrible task to remove him from the tank as he was still intact. If you keep millipedes and haven't had to remove a deceased one as of yet you'll know what I mean when you do.

Farewell Socrates, I hope you enjoyed being fed and living in my tank for almost a year, you will be missed.