Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Thirty Three: A finished game for LD21??

Sadly I didn't manage to finish my game for Ludum Dare #21: Escape, this was the first time that I've ever not completed a game which is crazy as I would have thought from the type of game I was making it would be a lot simpler and very easy to get finished.

What I didn't account for was the masses of art assets that needed creating for it, I managed to get a placeholder of the whole game working but only the first two sections had the required art for them.

I also wanted to do an overhaul on the inventory system and make it more point and click like so that you had to figure out what to do, as opposed to just click the buttons like it tells you to currently. It wouldn't be a hard fix but would just require a few more assets to be created that tell you if you can't use it there etc.

I really quite liked the idea of the game, as well as the interweaving stories that I wanted to create, but they never would have been finished in time so I’m hoping to get it done after the deadline. I don't have the time to work solidly on it but I may be able to rustle up a little time in my evenings to finish off the art and make a more solid inventory for the game.

Also with the knowledge that I wasn't going to finish the game I made sure to get some of the menu backgrounds, splash screen and icon done so they'd be there when playing through what I had.