Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Twenty Five: Enjoying a little Mega Mall Story

You may know Kairo soft from Game Dev Story, well after a few other games they've now created Mega Mall Story, which is a superb rival to counter Tiny Tower on iOS.

Although there’s a price to be paid for the game of £2.49 Mega Mall Story gives you a more compelling type of gameplay as it's not the bland Facebook style gameplay that Tiny Tower comprises of.

Unlike Tiny Tower which requires the player to wait around for minutes or even hours to stock and create shops within your Tower. Mega Mall Story is a pure simulator at heart, your general tycoon game. Sitting more prominently along the likes of Sim Tower or even something more like Theme Hospital or Theme Park, (although Theme Hospital is of course even more awesome) being a pure simulator it's about managing your money and hearts to get your way to becoming a 5 star Mall and quash all your rivals.

As you can see from the image below you can get a whole variety of shops for your mall, different shops can make customers become regulars which you can find out by clicking on them (but it can be fiddly to do so) after having filled their criteria it can then allow you to get them to become regulars which gives you money, new shops or new customers.

It's a great simulator that requires you to balance money, customers, hearts, combos, shops and criteria needed to level up your mall so you can be the best one in the area. There's also a new game plus that allows you to take over all the shops you've gained if you want to do an even better play through from the beginning.

You'll notice from the image that it has a more defined art style, exactly like their other games; although I must admit I do still love the look of Tiny Tower. Although with MMS it's a shame that when you zoom in you lose the definition of the lines from the character and it all becomes quite blurry.

Either way it's a great simulator and is amazingly addictive consuming hours of your life, I highly recommend you check it out, it's only £2.49 so give it a go!