Catherine Woolley


Two Hundred and Twenty Two: A new t-shirt, this time not a daily

So I didn't buy this t-shirt off a daily tee website like the title explains, although I did find the website via teemagnet.

I picked it up off Sir Mitchell which is a showcase of Mike Mitchell's artwork in t-shirt and print form.

He also has a really cool CAT-CAT t-shirt that he's selling but I felt the NES one was slightly more awesome, and didn't have the creepy eyes of the CAT-CAT. I do recommend you check out his t-shirts and see if there's anything you like there, his skull character tees are pretty cute.

His prints also include some interesting pieces that you can't get on t-shirts like the Iron Giant, Prince of Darkness (Katamari Prince), Super Mario World and a sadly sold out Darkwing Duck print.

Go check him out!