Catherine Woolley


Two: Introduction to Gamercast

So it's my second day in and I have a feeling that I'm generally going to be doing these posts quite late each day, firstly because from Tuesday I'll be back at work, and at the moment I'm just trying to do too many things it's being pushed to the end of the day.

I've spent today trying to put together a new logo for the podcast, and perhaps a new theme to the site, who knows. I've come up with quite a nice theme at the moment which I hoped would be done by now. Although sadly it's not 100% finished so I won't be posting it up. But it will be officially live with episode 230 of the podcast which is going to be uploaded tomorrow, even though we recorded it earlier on today.

So as I cannot show off the image what I will do is fill people in on the podcast, and then show stuff off in tomorrow's post.

Gamercast is a podcast that Paul Smith started with Adam Clough back in 2005, I then joined in randomly in a few episodes and then started working on it every weekend in 2009.

Gamercast as you may have guessed is a gaming podcast which is hosted by two people who happen to play games. The podcast has evolved greatly since the early days of the show and it now very structured and even includes a fun segment called 'Name that game' which features among the other segments of news, new releases, letters and reviews/previews. Which will be joined by a "what we are playing" section when I manage to bump it in without Paul noticing.

We record the show every Sunday evening(or Monday if we can't record it then) and I hope we keep it up for years to come.

I imagine Gamercast will pop up a few times in these blogs over the year, so feel free to have a listen if you want to hear me mumble about games and stuff.