Catherine Woolley


Void and where I see it going

Well currently we are all hoping to get a finished version of the game out of our third year project.


I am going to be taking it to the Blitz Open day to show it to a few people there, as well as getting to see how Blitz runs at the same time.


We will be taking it to Games Grads, not entirely sure on how much we shall be taken, depends on what is completed at this point.


I would also like to go to Develop this year as well, as I haven't managed to attend the conference yet, and would like to go see some of the keynotes while also showing our groups working to numerous people.


Finally our game will be going to GameCity, mainly thanks to our lovely lecturer David Surman getting a space for Computer Games Design graduates to show our work off.


If any other events pop up Void will hopefully make an appearance.