Catherine Woolley


VOID - The chosen idea


After all meeting up we decided to go with Rob's idea, which is entitled Void, I won't go into huge detail about it, as he didn't really have a concept document for us to look at, was kind of from his mind and a mixture of notes.


Basically the game takes place in a void, you are a single character that can interact with your surroundings, similar to a playground.


So think the loading part in Assassin's Creed meets Psychonauts and a few other things.


Rob's idea seems really interesting and I look forward to seeing how much it progresses as we develop the idea further.


We get to pitch it in a few days, although I feel Rob will be doing most of the talking for it all, as the main details of the idea are all stuck in his head. Although we're all writing the presentation up together, so at least we've all had some input.