Catherine Woolley


Void Updates Part Four

Along with some help from Rob I managed to produce a layout of how the Anemone Sea will take place.


Anemone Sea Layout


I'll just give a brief overview of the path that the character can go along, I won't go into depth on the spectacles that the player gets to witness. As you can see that when you play the game and it will be more exciting.

  • The player starts off in the top left-hand corner of the screen they then traverse along the edge to where there is the whitish square which is a ledge.
  • They will then go down onto the cluster of pads, following the curve round, then following it curve again.
  • Then leading down into the waterfall and then into the whirlpool. You then continue right, passing the starfish on the ledge then following the curve of all the pads until you get to the black shore line.
  • If they then carry on they will make their way to the next area to explore through.


I realise it's quite a large level, but it's the first thing the player is going to witness and I wanted it to be impressive.