Catherine Woolley


Week 1 of the group project

Work Assigned: Gameplay map – the order in which events happen in the demo.

Ok well at the meeting I was given the job to do a gameplay map, I felt a little dazed being given this as I was a little unsure of what it was exactly, even after being told what it was, so I interpreted it in my own manner, which then made it a mix of storyboards and gameplay maps (overhead maps of what is happening with everything)

I must say I feel I approached it well, it could have been refined a little in the drawing, but storyboards don't have to be detailed or amazing looking, as long as they convey what's needed is fine, I then added notes to each frame incase they weren't too clear to read.

Here is each frame from numbers 1 to 26.

I may have to change them slightly depending on what happens in the meeting, but I'll see what happens.