Catherine Woolley


Week 2 of the group project

Ongoing work: Edits to the gameplay map

Work Assigned: Model the cat - the avatar of the game

Ok well my "gameplay map" from last week proved successful, I have made a couple of changes which will be at the bottom of this weeks work at some point.

I found it quite fun presenting my work this week, as I laid it all out on the table and went through it all, first time I haven't minded presenting something, and I recieved some useful comments which were the reasons for changes to a few of the pieces.

This week I was assigned the task to model the avatar of the game which is a cat, more importantly this cat

copyright debbie stephens

Which was drawn by Debbie, and I am modelling it from the orthographic images she also drew, and here are the finished results, well a few simple images.

My job was only to model the cat, not texture or animate, just model, and here it is :)

I've decided to put up images showing the development:

I must say it was fun to do, as the last actual character I modelled was Astro Boy and weird doodle things don't count as full on character as they were kinda just blobs.

Although of course even though I went by two guides on exporting for Torque it doesn't want to export it, so hopefully I'll figure out why.