Catherine Woolley


Week 3 of the group project

Ongoing work: Edits to the gameplay map

Work Assigned: Make the cat usable for the engine (re-model if needed) and if that gets sorted then orthographic images for the other cuddlies (good npcs)

Ok well after hours and hours of trying to figure out what was wrong with the cat, and after starting to model it again I realised what the problem was...I had left the flat planes which had the orthographic images in maya's scene.

So it was trying to export two planes which weren't triangulated which is why it was being mean to me.

So once I sorted that out I handed over the .dts file of the cat over to our lovely AI peoples, who I'm hoping have gotten it in ok.

So I went onto my other work that was set which was doing orthographic images for the other characters.

I decided to create a bear, as what's a toy related thing without a teddy bear, with of course horrible teddy bear looking feet.

Then I made a bird character from Debbie's dynamic bird image.

copyright Debbie Stephens

A bunny who is very different to the dynamic images, but I wanted to make it easy to model for whoever gets the job.

copyright Debbie Stephens

And then the lion who I only hope can look as good as Debbie's lion

copyright Debbie Stephens

And that's my work for week 3, I also wrote up a guide on getting Maya models into Torque which I hope is easier to understand than the confusing ones on the net, also if anyone else is wanting to know how to get Maya stuff into Torque just ask and I can post up the guide on here as well.