Catherine Woolley


Week 4 of the group project

Ongoing work: Making sure the cat can go in the engine.

Work Assigned: Model the Lion and Bird characters.

Ok well after a fun filled weekend here is my work for week 4.

I spent a good part of the week trying to get the cat into the engine, as we were having a few difficulties, but I managed to bypass this eventually after lots of fiddling and the cat managed to get in, as you can see.

hes not really this size, I did it for comical value

Finally with the cat sorted I was then able to go onto making the lion and bird npc characters, I started with a re-design of the bird.

And then went on to modelling the lion as I knew he'd be the harder of the two, and it all worked out quite simple, I'm happy with how he turned out and that he's not high in polys at all.

Then I went onto the bird, who was really quite simple to do, and fun as well, I imagine him being made out of soft plastic and that there is a thin plastic tube holding his legs together.

I was even happier at how low poly the bird is, and alround happy with my models, now lets see what I get this week.