Catherine Woolley


Week 5 of the group project

Ongoing work: Making sure stuff goes into engine.

Work Assigned: Model the femishbot - then hand over to Chris, unwrap the UVs of the cat - then hand over to Debbie and unwrap and texture the bomb.

Well the work load was significantly different to previous weeks, mainly as it's consisting of two pieces of work to be handed over to other people for most of us, but I'm sure everything'll be fine.

Now as we should have everything textured that just means rigging the characters is left really, that and we still need to have a built area and the keys for the robots.

Anyways so I textured the cat easily enough, took me a while as I'd never unwrapped something with so many faces before, but I think I did an ok job of it.

I then modelled the fembot, although I'm a little worried it's a little high polywise, but I'll find out in the meeting on tuesday if it's ok.

And then I unwrapped and textured the bomb, which was quite simple as he's small and quite square, and here is the finished UV map.

And then here it is on the bomb dude.

And then finally to check he's all 100% ok, here he is in the engine.

So altogether it's been a really successful week, without too much going wrong, also I've noted that I've been a lot quicker with doing my work, and I think it's actually down to the fact that I had a lot more work and I was worrying I wouldn't get it done in time, so maybe it's actually a good thing to get a lot of things other people will need to finish their stuff...but it does make everything a little difficult.

The meeting on Tuesday is the last before easter so I wonder what will be given out.