Catherine Woolley


Week 6 of the group project

Ongoing work: Making sure stuff goes into engine.

Work Assigned: Remodel the fembot, then hand to chris get back and then rig.

Ok well work is never that easy to do when it's the easter holidays, but that's always because lazyness packs in.

Anywho I managed to get my work done, took me a while to remodel the fembot, but I also lowered the poly count on it, which was a fun experience.

It went from 1500 to 1002, which I'm quite happy with, and here is the model with less legs.

So I then handed it over to Chris, once I got it back I then had my first go at rigging, thanks to a very good tutorial I was given it all went by very simply and I then had a rigged character.

Now it may not be as good as some rigged things, but it's my first go so it can't be too bad, so I then went on to animating, and here was my first attempt.

The first problem came when it was time to export it, it kept telling me I had a missing bone, but then after lots of frustration and asking Duncan he helped me out, and I had to parent the root joint to the start01 bit in the heirarchy.

So yays to Duncan, as I thought I'd never solve it and I couldn't find much help on the internet.

After I had the files all sorted I remembered I didn't actually have the texture sheet for the robot, so I got the file off Chris and applied it, only problem was that it went a bit funny.

So I guessed there was maybe a problem with the file, so I made a new one, but no luck, I tried a different image and it stayed the same. I then loaded up the UV texture editor and it looked exactly the same.

And here is the finished animation.