Catherine Woolley


Week 7 of the group project

Ongoing work: learning to rig

Work Assigned: Draw up animation assest list and hand out models (yes somehow I've become the producer of the art side of the project) I got the cat to animate

Ok so I knew this week would be harder than the previous as animating a main character is a big deal, so I started with the most integral animation, a walk cycle, which I then re-did as it was too slow, I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with it though, but being the bad person I am I've never been too keen on walk cycles.

I then decided to do a jump for the cat, as everyone loves to jump about in games.

Then I decided next would be an idle animation.

I had a little more time left, not as much as I hoped, but I had the choice of doing a death or run cycle, so I went with death.

I would have had a run cycle finished like I planned but I ended up having to export everything for myself and the other members of the group which took a lot longer than I planned, so my time was cut short.

Overall I'm pleased with my work, it could always get a tweak here and there as if maybe I had a week longer I would have had more time to spend on each animation.