Catherine Woolley


Week 8 of the group project

Ongoing work: getting used to animating

Work Assigned: cat run animation
cat looking up animation
model & texture a ball for the starting cutscene
scale bear
any other cat animations needed
starting fmv
maybe look about for sound effects & music

Ok so we all decided to try and get pretty much everything finished for this week, and everyone agreed on what we all should do. Firstly I did the pieces that other people may need, and that would take less time than bigger pieces of work.

So I did the cat's run cycle:

And then the cat being afraid (the big purple rectangle is a placeholder for the boss robot)

I then started getting the scene together for the starting fmv.

Although after spending so much time on it, I didn't managed to completely finish a tiny bit of it, being one of the robots arms moving around, plus the bomb-bots weren't walking as I didn't recieve the walk cycle from Chris.

So I didn't manage to render it off for the meeting, but that means I am then able to make sure I render it the same as everyone else, and now I've had people comment on things that could change, which will make it much better.

We have also now had an engine change so everything is now going into unreal, instead of torque.