Catherine Woolley


Week 9 of the group project *final week*

Ongoing work: Looking about for music and sound effects

Work Assigned: Get the starting fmv completely finished and rendered off with the same export settings as the other fmv.

Ok so my work was slightly carried on from last week, but even if I had finished it completely I would have had to render it out again, plus Dave made some good comments on how I could improve it, so here's the final .avi.

I am now in search of a composer to get the music done :) hopefully all will go well and I'll have a nice piece to present at the presentation.

I must say I'm really happy with it as I managed to finish, render and edit it, while working all of over the weekend and do the GTA IV launch, that all aside now I just have to finish off the paperwork and it's all finished.

And I now hopefully plan to over the summer brush up on my modelling, rigging and animation skills :)

EDIT: As you can tell it has music now :)