Catherine Woolley


Will Wright and Kojima in the same year


When I got to meet Hideo Kojima earlier in the year, I was very surprised that I actually got to meet him. When I read that HMV were having Will Wright as well I was ecstatic.

I travelled down very early in anticipation of a large queue, but I was actually number two in the queue, I won't go into huge detail about the event, but Will Wright was a very lovely man, who was kind enough to talk to me for a bit, although after being told I should hurry it up by HMV's security I had to stop talking.


I got a nice picture out of it, little off colour due to HMV's lights though.

I also attended his presentation of Spore, which I must say made me more interested in the game.

I do feel bad as my sister Charlotte couldn't attend, but I'm sure they'll be other people she can meet in the future I'm sure.