Catherine Woolley


Window of reflection

Ok so I'm trying to finish my art coursework at the moment, which I hope will all get finished in time, if not I won't be too happy, since this is my first piece of two. The whole thing looks like


Although this is a real old picture and it's finished looking now (must remember to take picture next week at school) The picture is a mix of oil pastels and acrylic on this wallpaper my art teacher bought me.

The top right corner of it is the piece I'm focusing on at the moment, I was given a piece of MDF and I'm now painting on it with oil paints, and so far it looks like.

common room

And a close up on the pretty cool reflection.


And because my art teacher likes the way the reflection looks my final piece is now gonna be of.


Which will be fun I suppose, hope I'm able to do it all before the 8th of May.