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Flips are a small series of Nintendo DS titles released by Electronic Arts and developed by Electronic Arts Bright Light. The series spanned across seven Nintendo DS titles and seven Nintendo DSiWare titles. Flips are interactive books for kids, helping to try and promote reading for children by adding a little fun and interactivity into the books.

The Flips series were the first commercial titles that I had worked on and it was an interesting step into the edutainment sector. They originally started out as a set of four titles that would contain a series of books that feature interactive elements to keep children entertained and engaged while they read. They then branched off to have another three titles in a physical format as well as seven DSiWare titles which were improved versions of two of the first products with added camera support, utilising the added camera on the DSi. There were set limitations on what we could add in the books, we included features such as; clickable sound effects, animated pictures, collectables, unlockable jokes, arts and crafts ideas. As the series evolved we explored more fleshed out features for the final three; Percy Jackson had a Greek god's family tree and bestiary whereas Mr Gum had a "messy room" and Mr Gum soundboard. Then finally with the Enid Blyton Adventure series we had original images created and a jigsaw puzzle for each book. Overall the Flips games are a great selection of books containing between 5 to 8 books dependent on the title, and are a great way to try to interest children to read books on their Nintendo DS.



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