Catherine Woolley


Sewing Flying Saucer Sanitary Pads for The Pachamama Project

Not long to go till the start of the Ration Challenge for me, I start on Monday 6th June!

After creating a video for making Post-Mastectomy Drain Bags I kinda wanted to do the same for the pacha pads, and this year I was going to make the flying saucer variation of their patterns as apparently it’s generally regarded as more secure, so I had to give the pattern a go first!

And what’s better when doing a pattern for the first time, then recording it as well! I went for the top down version as it was easier for recording purposes. I must say it’s definitely a lot quicker to make than the aeroplane version I was making last year, although these ones don’t do up as cute as the others did.

The fabric is from my visit to The Scrap Space and the fleece I had from making them previously, just make sure you are getting anti-pill fabric as it will last longer. I’ve also been donated fabric from The Good Stitch which I’ll be using for making pads.

Plus Vicki has been super kind and offered up that I can hang out at their shop on the two days and have a helper at points over the days, plus it’s a great motivator I feel! Plus it means I’ll be able to sew at a table instead of the arm of a sofa.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this!