Concern's Ration Challenge ft The Pachamama Project

So you may have have read my previous entry on taking part in Concern’s Ration Challenge, and if you didn’t, please go give it a read as it explains in more detail on what I’m not really discussing today!

I'm taking part in Concern's Ration Challenge!

Hello all! You may, or may not know that last year I took part in Concern’s Ration Challenge with my twin sister Charlotte to help raise money and awareness of the refugee crisis going on in the world.

Some more blogging perhaps?

Why hello there fellow readers. As you may have guessed if you’d come to my blog over the last decade, you would think you were still in 2011!

Three Hundred and Sixty Five: The end of 2011 and a look back

2011 was a pretty jam packed and busy year and after looking back at 2009 and kinda ignoring 2010 I thought I'd do a small recap for those who don't really want to look through 365 days’ worth of blog entries.

Three Hundred and Sixty Four: A new project

With Bethan's bunny finished I wanted to take on a new crochet project, and I've had what I'm making decided for some time now. My new house can be rather cold at times so I knew I wanted to make a nice warm afghan style throw.

Three Hundred and Sixty Three: A cute new t-shirt!

This morning in the post I received a t-shirt I'd totally forgotten about as it was from shirt.woot which can take some time in getting to you.

Three Hundred and Sixty Two: An awesome Christmas present

After moving away from Charlotte I've found myself asking her constantly for recipes that I was used to eating, however now she's given me the most lovely Christmas present meaning I don't have to bug her anymore for all the lovely meals we used to eat.

Three Hundred and Sixty One: A couple of pre-Christmas pickups

I hadn't had the chance to write about what I picked up on Christmas eve as I was busy writing other blog posts that were slightly more themed, however I have the time now and I thought I'd just show off what I picked up the day before I visited my family.

Three Hundred and Sixty: A finished present

Some readers may have noticed a lack of crochet related updates on my blog, well that's firstly because I'd been working on a Christmas present for my niece since my last update and actually that last update was indeed my working on my niece’s present.

Three Hundred and Fifty Nine: Happy Holidays everyone!

Sadly there hasn't been any snow this year, so a picture from the snow and our snowman from last year will have to do for now!

Three Hundred and Fifty Eight: Mince pies for the family!

I had a go at making Mince pies for the first time, I've never been a huge fan of mince pies as shop bought ones have an after-taste that I've never enjoyed.

Three Hundred and Fifty Seven: Another new tee!

I bought this one some time ago and it finally arrived, if there's one thing I do find annoying is that most of the companies that print them are based in America so they take forever to make their way to me.