Sewing Flying Saucer Sanitary Pads for The Pachamama Project

Not long to go till the start of the Ration Challenge for me, I start on Monday 6th June! After creating a video for making Post-Mastectomy Drain Bags I kinda wanted to do the same for the pacha pads, and this year I was going to make the flying saucer variation of their patterns as apparently it’s generally regarded as more secure, so I had to give the pattern a go first!

Sewing Post-Mastectomy Drain Bags

It’s coming up to the Ration Challenge time of year, in fact I’m taking part next week! between the 6th June till the 12th of June, the official dates this year are about two weeks later but we decided this week we’d chosen worked better for myself and Charlotte to take part.

Concern's Ration Challenge ft The Pachamama Project

So you may have have read my previous entry on taking part in Concern’s Ration Challenge, and if you didn’t, please go give it a read as it explains in more detail on what I’m not really discussing today!

I'm taking part in Concern's Ration Challenge!

Hello all! You may, or may not know that last year I took part in Concern’s Ration Challenge with my twin sister Charlotte to help raise money and awareness of the refugee crisis going on in the world.

Some more blogging perhaps?

Why hello there fellow readers. This may look like my first ever blog entry, however my blog has been around since early 06 till 2011. So prior to reading this if you came across my blog you’d of figured it had been left to die.