Catherine Woolley


Sewing Post-Mastectomy Drain Bags

It’s coming up to the Ration Challenge time of year, in fact I’m taking part next week! between the 6th June till the 12th of June, the official dates this year are about two weeks later but we decided this week we’d chosen worked better for myself and Charlotte to take part.

Well with the Ration Challenge I’m again using my two charity days to do a little sewing! I’ll spend one day sewing more reusable sanitary pads which I made loads of last year. But also the other day I’m going to make loads of post-Mastectomy drain bags. Which in all honesty I didn’t realise was a thing until I saw an article someone had shared in a group I was in which was posted by Hilary Pullen and after having a read I couldn’t believe I wasn’t aware of this part of the recovery process.

Immediately after reading it though I knew I wanted to help out with this as well so I had a go at making one, created a couple and made a couple of videos. My first video here is 10 minutes long, and I’m kinda sewing it with you, but with sped up moments of sewing, otherwise the video would be 45 minutes long!

And then I’ve made a slightly simpler shorter video that’s just under 5 minutes and is very pause friendly going to each moment where you do something new.

I’ve kindly been given some fabrics from The Good Stitch and checked out The Scrap Space and grabbed some fabric that would be great for pads or these bags.

Plus Vicki has been super kind and offered up that I can hang out at their shop on the two days and have a helper at points over the days, plus it’s a great motivator I feel! Plus it means I’ll be able to sew at a table instead of the arm of a sofa.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this!