Catherine Woolley


Some more blogging perhaps?

Why hello there fellow readers. This may look like my first ever blog entry, however my blog has been around since early 06 till 2011. So prior to reading this if you came across my blog you’d of figured it had been left to die.

Well actually it was more that after doing one post a day for a year was draining, and then I didn’t feel a need to go back to my blog. After deciding to do an update I feel an urge to write up on here too for pieces to find as it’s quite a regular occurrence that I’m finding the best information on older blog entries from people.

Updates will probably be focused around my hobbies as opposed to work related posts so expect recipes and perhaps talking about sewing patterns I’ve been using and how projects are going. Or who knows what else! I guess only time will tell.

For now I would like to say hello to anyone taking a peek at my blog, and I hope what you came looking for has helped you in some way. If you have a question about anything feel free to contact me on socials.

Enjoy a relaxing photo of me looking onto Venice
Enjoy a relaxing photo of me looking onto Venice